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Urgent Care Culver City

People are busy all over Greater Los Angeles and Southern California but the kind of urgent care Culver City area residents need is special. Culver City is, you see, is a major hub of the entertainment industry that also happens to be an outstanding place to raise a family with its great schools and parks. That means that there are more times than even when a house call – yes, a house call! – from an outstanding physician like Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles might be the best kind of urgent care there is.


Whether you are in the middle of a motion picture, television, or commercial production and can’t leave the set or office, or are nursing a sick child and trying to avoid an hours-long trip to a conventional urgent care unit or an emergency room, Dr. Farzam can provide medical care just about anywhere. He has the flexibility to provide the kind of personalized, direct medical attention that has become much too rare in recent years.

It’s true that house calls are something many of us associate with a time now long past. The fact of the matter is that House Call Doctor Los Angeles approach has many very modern advantages that make it the sort of urgent care Culver City residents might well benefit from the most. It avoids long waits at doctor’s offices that can expose children and adults to the illnesses of other patients. Importantly, for patients who are uninsured or have very basic health care plans, a visit from Dr. Farzam is actually very likely less expensive than an standard trip to an emergency room or urgent care office.

Outstanding Care for All of Greater L.A.

Dr. Farzam covers not only the Culver City area but the entirety of Greater Los Angeles. He knows that the kind of urgent care Burbank residents require is very similar in that rather similar studio/family town as in Culver City, and he also understands the complexities of modern life in all of the other many communities of the diverse and vibrant metropolis of greater Los Angeles.

When you or a family member needs the kind of urgent care Woodland Hills, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Glendale, Venice, Marina del Rey, Thousand Oaks and all Greater Los Angeles residents require in today’s busy and often stress-laden world, Dr. Farzam offers 24/7 care, 365 days of the year.  Call (310) 849-7991 for an appointment and/or schedule of fees. You can also e-mail Dr. Farzam at [email protected].